Off Licence

Off Licence

Carry Out, one of Ireland’s leading specialist off licence franchises, first opened its doors in 2003 and since then has grown to over 100 stores located nationwide. In 2016 Flanagan’s Off Licence joined the Carry Out team.

Carry Out knows what you, our customers want, because they are managed by people living in your local community. This is what Carry Out is all about – local businesses serving local communities with an excellent product range, level of expertise and commitment to service right on your doorstep.

Carry Out stock a wide selection of wines, spirits, liqueurs and beers offering options to suit every taste bud and wallet! And because there is an ever increasing demand for quality wine throughout Ireland, Carry Out has reflected this trend by stocking a selection of hundreds of wines from the bargain bottle to the premium tipple. You’ll never tire of our wine selection.

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Special Offers – Christmas 2019